Mountain View’s Mariposa Park is an urban oasis of natural beauty, offering respite from the bustling energy of Silicon Valley. Located in the historic Moffett Field neighborhood, the park’s 10.5 acres of lush lawns, shaded picnic areas, walking paths, and recreational facilities provide a tranquil escape into nature. A playground, basketball court, and two grassy areas provide youngsters and adults alike with inviting places to relax and play. The park also features several monuments and a new splash pad, table tennis court, and tennis court. Find further facts here.

Mariposa Park, originally called Moffett Field Memorial Park, had its first foray into life in the mid-1940s after the opening of the nearby Moffett Field Naval Air Station. The 50-acre park was created to honor Moffett Field’s fallen airmen and airwomen, and it served as a recreational facility for the air station personnel and their families. By the 1950s, Moffett Field Memorial Park was a popular spot for the community’s members who enjoyed the spacious lawns, playgrounds, and athletic fields. The land was purchased by the City of Mountain View in the late 1970s and renamed Mariposa Park in 1999. In the early 2000s, the City of Mountain View set about creating a park that would honor the charter of the original but be more accessible to the modern city’s needs. This new park was designed with trails, picnic areas, and plenty of open space. Learn more about Cuesta Park: A Beautiful and Relaxing Haven in Mountain View, CA.

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