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If you’re looking for affordable ways to remodel your bathroom then a shower remodel is definitely a project you’ll want to consider.  With the shower usually being one of the main focal points in a bathroom when you remodel it you can transform that dull, boring, grimy looking shower into a beautiful new luxurious looking space and it’s not going to break the bank either!

Why Do You Want To Remodel Your Shower?

  • Tired of cleaning the grimy grout between the tiles?
  • Is your shower base cracked or leaking and causing water damage?
  • Does your shower look like it’s straight out of the 70’s or 80’s?
  • Do you want a more trendy and modern looking bathroom?

NorCal Remodeling Group is your exclusive, licensed Bath Planet distributor in the Bay Area.  We specialize in remodeling old, dated, grungy and grimy showers using our durable and easy-to-clean acrylic shower bases, acrylic shower surrounds, and showering accessories to create a true luxury showering experience but without the luxury price.

Shower Replacement

The showers in our homes are usually used every single day.  After years of use they can become grimy, rust-stained, mineral stained, they are harder to keep clean, and they can even develop cracks in the materials leading to leaks and water damage.  If a good cleaning doesn’t bring back the shine to your shower or it’s damaged beyond repair it’s time to consider replacing it with a new showering system from Bath Planet NorCal.

Our shower replacements involve removing the old showering system including the shower pan, shower surround, and shower enclosure.  We can also remove the shower faucets and shower head and replace them with newer, better looking, better performing upgrades.  With your old shower removed and out of the way we can then install a new acrylic shower base and beautiful new shower surround to give your bathroom an immediate facelift.  With a shower replacement we can also install a new shower enclosure and accessories to enhance your showering experience such as a shower seat or even a shelving unit to store all of your personal hygiene items.

Replacing your shower isn’t a massive project either and can be completed by our team of professionals in just a few days.  We have several styles and colors to choose from to transform any shower (whatever condition) into a beautiful, new and luxurious showering space for you and your family.

Shower Wall Surrounds

A new shower wall surround is a great way to dramatically improve the look and feel of your shower.  Whether you want to replace an old, cracked, tile surround or you’re just tired of showering in an old and dated looking space we’ll have a shower surround that will work perfectly in your bathroom.  Our shower surrounds are made out of durable acrylic that is easy to clean and will resist chips, cracks, or dents for years to come.  We have many different color and style options including our patented REVEAL shower wall systems.

Shower Bases Or Shower Pans

Your shower base or “shower pan” is an integral part of your shower.  It creates the base for you to stand, provides structural integrity, and prevents water from leaking out of the shower and onto your floor.  Shower bases aren’t just functional, they also provide aesthetics and style.  The NorCal Remodeling Group offers a variety of shower bases to fit into any bathroom situation regardless of what type of shower you currently have.  Whether you’re looking for a traditional shower base for a single shower, a large shower base, or even a low barrier or barrier free shower base to make it easier to enter and exit your showering space, we have great looking, durable, solutions that will fit within your budget.

Our shower bases are manufactured with high-quality, multi-layered acrylic and a non-porous surface so they are super easy to clean and maintain.  No more messing with bleach or cleaners and scrubbing until your arms hurt!  We have several different colors and styles available so your new shower pan can match your existing bathroom decor.

Shower Storage Accessories

We all have our “go to” items when we shower including shampoo, conditioner, scrubbers, razors, and more but finding space for all of your items is always a challenge, especially if the shower is used by multiple people in a busy household.  When we remodel your shower we can add soap dishes, soap caddies, shower shelves, and more!  We will customize your accessories to meet the needs of your household.

Shower Safety Accessories

Showering poses a major safety concern if you have mobility issues.  We can install a variety of safety accessories into your new shower including grab bars and handles that can support your body weight and also shower seats so can enjoy your new shower without standing.  Don’t let mobility issues prevent you from one of life’s little luxuries give the NorCal Remodeling Group a cal today and we can help make your shower safe for you to use without worry.

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