Nestled in the vibrant city of Mountain View, CA, Cuesta Park—the jewel of Santa Clara County—is a stunning place to visit, offering something for every nature lover. The 64-acre park is located on Cuesta Drive and Old Middlefield Way, and although it seems small, the park has much to offer. With sprawling grassy areas, towering trees, and fascinating wildlife, Cuesta Park has captured the hearts of the locals and has become a beloved venue for a variety of recreational activities. Learn more facts here.

Cuesta Park has been around since 1946 when the county first purchased the land. At that time, the city was going through rapid development, and the county wanted a place where the locals could enjoy the outdoors and take advantage of its natural amenities. They simply fell in love with the rolling hills, plentiful trees, and abundance of wildlife, and so Cuesta Park became a popular destination for residents. Today, the park is a haven for people looking for a beautiful, peaceful place to relax and unwind from city life. The 16-acre open grassland area is ideal for picnics and outdoor sports, such as Ultimate Frisbee and soccer. It is also a great spot to bring your kids for a fun afternoon. With plenty of trees and shady spots, kids can explore nature, climb trees, and learn about the animals that call the park home. Read about Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA here.

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