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Showering is probably a daily luxury you and your loved ones enjoy.  When mobility is affected from a variety of conditions or circumstances such as medical conditions, old age or injury related then showering is no longer a safe activity.  Whether you care for someone with mobility issues or you yourself have mobility issues then you already know how difficult climbing in and out of a wet bathtub and shower can be.

It’s one of the leading causes of bathroom injuries and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from the bathroom related injuries they record each year approximately 2.2% are related to entering a tub or shower but 9.8% occur when getting out, this is because the tub or shower is wet and slippery and many bathrooms are not very accessible.

NorCal Remodeling Group is your exclusive, licensed Bath Planet distributor in the Bay Area.  We specialize in the construction and installation of low barrier or barrier free showers into our customers homes.  If you need a low barrier or no barrier shower for mobility or safety reasons we can help you.

Low Barrier, Barrier Free, No Curb, Walk-In, What Is The Difference?

There are several different names you might know a low barrier shower by including barrier free or no-curb or walk-in.  While there are slight differences between a low barrier shower and a no-curb shower from an industry standpoint but from a homeowners perspective they mean the same thing.  They are all showers with a low curb or in some cases no-curb at all.  Whether you want the luxurious look of a seamless walk-in or no barrier shower or you need a roll-in shower for someone in a wheelchair, your specific needs may dictate how you refer to the shower.

Low Barrier Showers

These showers are just like they sound.  There is a low barrier or threshold designed for easy entry/exit and to prevent water from exiting.  Typically these curbs can be anywhere from 1″ up to 6″ and still be considered low-barrier.  These are not really the best option for someone in a wheelchair or using a walker but they are a great choice for everyone else.  Whether you need the low barrier shower for mobility and accessibility reasons or you just like the aesthetic look of a low-curb shower NorCal Remodeling Group can build it for you.

Walk-in Showers

When people refer to walk in showers they are usually referring to the showers that blend in seamlessly with a bathrooms tile floor.  These walk-in showers are designed with a natural slope towards the drain so the water doesn’t come out all over your bathroom.  The shower head can also be positioned so that splashing water isn’t an issue.  These are very beautiful, luxurious showers made out of natural stone and tile and are on the higher end of the price spectrum.  These more detail oriented projects can take several days if not a couple of weeks to complete depending on the scope and scale.  NorCal Remodeling Group can design and build your custom walk-in shower if you want one in your home.

Wheel Chair Friendly Showers

Curbless or barrier free showers or the best bathing solution for people who are in a wheelchair.  If you or your loved one is in a wheelchair and want the ability to easily shower on their own safely then a wheelchair friendly shower is something you’ll want.  One of the more common projects is converting the space where a bathtub might have been into a new barrier free shower.  The convenience of being able to roll right into the shower and right out when you’re done.  NorCal Remodeling Group can accommodate unique mobility challenges when asked by our customers.  If you need a showering solution for yourself or a loved one confined to a wheelchair give NorCal Remodeling Group a call today (888) 206-5934 and let us help you.

You can put our shower remodeling experts to work on your low barrier or barrier free shower project, just give us a call (888) 206-5934 and tell us how we can help you.

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