San Jose’s Happy Hollow Park and Zoo is a fantastic place for the entire family to explore and have an enjoyable day out. Located in the heart of San Jose, this park treasure is home to over 130 animals, unique attractions, rides, and splash pads, making it the perfect spot to spend a day with the kids. With beautifully landscaped and well-maintained gardens, Happy Hollow Park and Zoo offer something for everyone. The park opened in 1961 and has become a much-loved destination for San Francisco Bay Area families. It started as a small petting zoo but has grown to offer much more over the years. From the petting area to the carousel and even a mini-train, there is something for kids of all ages to enjoy. A favorite attraction at the zoo is the fossil exhibit. This fossil exhibit, named DinoSoft, is one of the largest in the world, and it includes full-scale replicas of dinosaurs, sure to leave kids in awe. Learn more here.

Children can learn about the different types of dinosaurs through this exhibit and gain hands-on experience as they touch and feel the fossils. The park also has a variety of other animals. From monkeys and owls to Komodo dragons and lemurs, there are plenty of furry friends for youngsters to visit and interact with. They can also learn about how to care for these animals responsibly. Of course, you’ll also find some of the usual zoo animals, like lions and tigers. Don’t forget to check out the rides while you’re there. Happy Hollow Park and Zoo offer various rides ranging from family-friendly to thrill-seeking. Little ones can enjoy the carousel, Ferris wheel, and mini-train, while older kids can take a spin on the rollercoaster or drop tower. And if someone feels brave, they can ride on the heart-stopping zip line. Families can take a break in the park’s fully equipped picnic area when the day is done. Or, if the weather isn’t ideal, the indoor dining area is a great place to warm up. But don’t miss out on the play area either. With a variety of slides, bridges, and tunnels, there’s plenty of fun. Learn more about Exploring San Jose’s Treasuring Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.

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