Rengstorff Park is home to eight lighted tennis courts in the heart of Mountain View, California. With ample playing space, lush green scenery, and a well-maintained playing surface, Rengstorff Park’s tennis courts offer tennis players of all skill levels a great place to play the game. Learn more here.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced tennis player trying to up your game, the Rengstorff Park tennis courts in Mountain View are sure to please. With convenient access from the nearby car park, casual pickup games, and organized leagues, there’s never a shortage of tennis options to explore. In addition, the Rengstorff Park tennis courts are some of the most well-maintained tennis courts in the area. The city of Mountain View ensures that the playing surface is kept up to optimal playing conditions throughout the year, thanks to its year-round resurfacing and periodic maintenance services. Learn more about Sunnyvale Municipal Golf Course in Mountain View: A Destination for Golf Enthusiasts Everywhere.

The courts feature the latest tennis court technology for added safety and comfort, including permanent net posts, lighting, and reflective surfaces designed to help players stay cool during long summer days. The courts also feature several “pickup stations” that provide amenities like restrooms, drinking fountains, a water bottle filler, and seating space for players and spectators alike.

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