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What You Need To Know About Barrier Free Showers

A bathroom renovation is a big investment that, if done properly, will last for years. Many homeowners are looking ahead to what those years could have in store for them and planning their renovation accordingly.

Known as “aging in place”, the trend often puts into practice what is known as universal design principles, which aims to make homes accessible for everyone regardless of the stage of life they are in or any physical limitations they may be facing.

In the past, executing universal design would oftentimes mean that function prevailed over style but that’s all changing as designers continue to push the boundaries of bathroom design. A great example of the marriage between the two is barrier-free showers. A popular choice for accessible bathroom design for years, barrier-free showers are becoming a designer favorite for their dramatic design aesthetic capabilities alone.

Read on to find out why barrier-free, or curbless, showers are taking the world of bathroom design by storm.

Barrier-free showers are convenient. Everyone from young to old can use them and they accommodate all stages of mobility. Designed to be flush with the floors, they allow users to walk or roll a wheelchair directly into the shower without stepping over a raised threshold, drastically reducing the risk of falling.

Since barrier-free showers meet the guidelines of universal design, they can prolong the life of your bathroom design. You won’t be forced into a shower remodel due to any unforeseen circumstances life throws your way. A barrier-free shower will suit your lifestyle no matter how your needs change.

Cleaning a barrier-free shower is much easier than cleaning traditional showers. With fewer joints and seams, mold and mildew have fewer places to grow. A streamlined cleaning routine not only saves time, but it also means more independence in old age. Maintenance, including cleaning, is a significant factor for those contemplating moving into assisted living accommodations.

Barrier-free showers immediately look bigger. A shower curb, door, or curtain stops your view, making the room feel smaller. A barrier-free shower allows for better sightlines into the shower and allows you to showcase design elements such as tile, fixtures, wall surrounds, or flooring. If not having a door on your shower is holding you back from discovering how great a barrier-free shower can be, don’t let it.

Barrier-free showers don’t have to be completely open. Some designs contain the main portion of the shower behind a glass wall, leaving one end open, and others still, achieve the look by installing a frameless, glass enclosure and door to give the illusion of a seamless sightline. If you do opt for a door, make sure to check the universal design guidelines on size and swing direction.

They lend themselves to many different styles of design from traditional to modern and quite often become the focal point of the bathroom. For home design enthusiasts, barrier-free showers can be a functional way to add depth, drama, or luxury to your bathroom.

Barrier-free showers can be installed to fit almost any sized bathroom and offer more flexibility when it comes to planning your layout. Bath Planet NorCal offers an innovative measurement process to custom fit a barrier-free base to your space while taking into account any other considerations that will influence the sizing dimensions required for you to realize your shower goals.

A walk-in shower can be installed in a space as small as 3×3 feet, but bigger is better when it comes to mobility. To comfortably fit two people, opt for a shower that is at least 5×5 feet in size. Ideally, designing a walk-in shower following the principles of universal design will mean that your shower will adapt to your family’s needs through all life’s many stages. With additional space for showering, families with young kids can wash more than one at a time and if assistance is needed to shower at a later phase of life, you’re already equipped for that. Adding double shower heads inside the shower makes multi-person showers more comfortable, but also adds a stunning feature to the shower.

A well-designed walk-in shower will prevent water from splashing outside its perimeter. The shower floor should be sloped toward the drain to encourage water flow goes the right direction. The position of the showerhead will also impact the amount of water that stays inside the shower. It’s not just the water stream direction you need to account for. Reducing the amount of backsplash from the showerhead will also help keep water where it’s intended. In smaller bathrooms, the entire floor might have to be slanted toward the drain to allow it to dry quickly after use.

Barrier-free showers can fit a lot of extras when it comes to accessories. It’s a good idea to outfit your shower with every option you can afford to ensure that what works today will also work tomorrow. For example, moving a shower seat in and out of the shower each day isn’t very practical and can increase the risk of injury, but that might be your only choice if you don’t make the proper provisions. There are plenty of ways to include a bench, even if you don’t have a lot of space. Fold-down seats can be anchored to the wall and corner seats take up less room. You can also plan ahead and install extra backing to keep the installation of a seat an option down the road.

Reinforcing walls for grab bars, built-in seats, or additional showerheads will help anchor the supports, increasing the safety for those using it and decreasing the chances of repair in the future. Install benches, grab bars, showerheads, wall-mount sprays, shower controls, and niches at a height that is reachable standing or sitting to maximize the use of your shower. You can even install a call button installed in case of an emergency.

Putting non-slip flooring throughout the entire bathroom is a great idea no matter the type of shower, but it is especially important in the base of your shower. The Bath Planet acrylic products installed by Bath Planet NorCal are made with slip-resistant surfaces to ensure safety.

Installing a barrier-free shower doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out, and expensive experience.  Bath Planet NorCal has everything you need for a barrier-free shower, all in one place. Our designers will walk you through the design process, helping you choose products that fit your needs and match the style you want. When it comes time for installation, we send knowledgeable experts to get the job done expertly in as little as 1-to-3 day.

The bathroom can be a game-changer when it comes to selling a house, so why not invest in your wellbeing, enjoyment, and quality of life now knowing that a walk-in shower will also be a stunning feature for potential buyers if you ever decide to sell?

Bath Planet NorCal Specializes In Barrier Free And Curbless Showers Throughout The Bay Area.

When you book your FREE barrier free shower design consultation one of our bathroom remodeling experts will be able to help you decide which options are going to work (and look) the best for your specific showering space.  Bath Planet NorCal serves San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, and Alameda County.

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