Moffett Field Historical Society Museum in Mountain View, California, is the premier museum dedicated to the history of Moffett Field and its surrounding areas. The museum is a living resource for the exploration and interpretation of the heritage of Moffett Field, a former United States Navy airbase, and its surrounding communities. The museum’s educational exhibits, displays, and programs promote and bring to life the history and cultural importance of Moffett Field and the adjacent Santa Clara Valley. See further information here.

The museum’s permanent exhibits include “The Hangar Story,” which showcases the history and restoration of Hangar One, a unique and important artifact from the Moffett Field era. The Aviator’s Loft exhibit tells the story of a true airman’s life, complete with a faithfully restored E-2 Hawkeye military aircraft, memorabilia, and a display of vintage flight suits and helmets. The Knights of the Air Gallery is home to a large collection of artifacts and archival material on the history of Naval Aviation. The museum also offers a variety of educational programs, including guided tours, workshops, and lectures hosted by the museum’s in-house experts. The museum’s tour programs offer visitors a unique opportunity to explore the history and preservation efforts within Hangar One and its nearby areas. The program focuses on the stories of the men and women who served at Moffett Field during the era of blimp flying, as well as the importance of the hangars and other structures around the base. Read about Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California here.

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