The Moffett Field Historical Society Museum in Mountain View, California, is a place where you can explore the history of aviation and space exploration. The museum has been at its current location for over 40 years.  It was originally opened by the United States Navy in 1960 to house various artifacts from Moffett Field (a former naval air station) and NASA Ames Research Center (an aerospace research facility). Visit this link for more information.

The Moffett Field Historical Society Museum in Mountain View, California, is a great place to take your family for an educational outing. The museum has exhibits that talk about the history of Moffett Airfield and Silicon Valley’s aviation legacy. Visitors can also get hands-on with technology demonstrations from NASA Ames Research Center and Google Inc., get up close with historic aircraft, learn about military training techniques, or just relax by taking in some beautiful art! See here for information about Adobe Building in Mountain View, California: A Unique Historic Landmark.

It is one of the largest freestanding buildings in the world. The museum is dedicated to preserving history about Moffet’s days as an airship base with exhibits including photographs, newspaper articles, uniforms, and equipment used by sailors stationed there during World War II. Visitors can get their hands on some cool artifacts at this interactive museum! This includes old tools from airplane mechanics who worked there after WWI through WWII. Don’t forget your camera either – you’ll have the opportunity to get some great shots of old planes.

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