Kelley Park is an oasis of natural beauty in the heart of San Jose, California. This picturesque park offers a wide variety of activities for all ages and interests, including swimming pools, picnic areas with BBQs, sports fields and courts, playgrounds for kids of all ages (including ones that are handicap-accessible), and more! Kelley Park also hosts many community events throughout the year. Check out their calendar to see what’s coming up next! Kelley Park is located in San Jose, California, and it has a few different areas within the park. It contains Kelley Park Nature Center, which features art exhibitions from local artists. Learn information about San Jose, CA.

There are also about four miles of trails and paths available for people to enjoy year-round. The preserve includes several historic structures like the barn house and shearer’s cottage that were built in 1894 by John Parrott, who was one of Silicon Valley’s early settlers; he owned over 100 acres of land at this time, making him a large property owner in the area during his lifetime. The park has two lakes and paths that wind around them. There are plenty of grassy areas where you can spread your blanket for a picnic or play frisbee with Fido. You’ll often see people running around the perimeter path because it is just over three miles long! This makes Kelley an excellent place to get some exercise while enjoying nature right outside your doorstep. Discover facts about San José Museum of Art: What You Should Know.

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