Welcome to Eagle Park in Mountain View, California—a remarkable park that captures the beauty of the Mountain View landscape and celebrates a unique historical legacy. Spanning 18 acres, Eagle Park offers visitors a revolutionary outdoor recreational experience and is home to an array of breathtaking attractions, making it the perfect destination to visit during your stay in Silicon Valley. Find more information here.

The city of Mountain View purchased the land that is now home to Eagle Park in the late 1960s. Originally, the land was only 8 acres, but in 2003, the city purchased an additional 10 acres to create a larger and more comprehensive park. Now, Eagle Park is part of the larger Shoreline Regional Park complex, which encompasses more than 600 acres and extends from Palo Alto to Mountain View. In honor of the land’s previous owner, a successful farmer, and owner of the Eagle Brand Ranch, the city of Mountain View was renamed Eagle Park. It was officially dedicated in June 2008 and quickly became a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Eagle Park boasts an impressive array of attractions, including the inspiring Eagle View Amphitheater. This 700-seat theater hosts various exciting events, including performances by international artists, film screenings, benefit concerts, and much more. The park also offers a beautiful lake, which guests can explore by canoe or kayak. There are also two dock-style slides, a giant swing, and several playgrounds, perfect for keeping young visitors entertained. See here for information about Pioneer Memorial Park – Historic Beauty and Tranquility in the Heart of Mountain View.

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